Fat Tyre NEW SPEED Men/Women 26"MTB Frame - Red/Black

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Our NEW SPEED fat tyre mountain bike is designed to take some beating while making heads turn as you ride about town!


With their 4 inch tyres, fat tyre mountain bikes were originally designed to ride in deep snow in Alaska but people in California soon saw their potential for handling sand dunes and beaches. They’re starting to catch on here in the UK as they make mincemeat of soft mud that would otherwise destroy an MTB with a standard mountain bike tyre. This makes them ideal for all weather riding!


Let’s take a look at the limited edition NEW SPEED fat tyre mountain bike.  The 4-inch fat tyres are great for off-road but give you a real presence on road - other road users will notice you, adding to your safety. With double-walled rims on the wheels, it will be able to take a pounding too.


For off-road and on-road riding, the 100mm-travel front suspension forks will absorb most of the lumps you face. This could mean blasting down single track or along cross-country trails, but given the state of the UK’s roads they’ll handle the potholes well too! The forks’ stiffness can be adjusted according to the terrain - harder for road sections and softer for when you’re in the sticks.


The 7-speed Shimano drivetrain will help you get up most hills without breaking a sweat, and the mechanical disc brakes will ensure you can control your speed just as you need.


All of this is built around a lightweight aluminium frame that keeps weight to a minimum but is more than strong enough to take as much abuse as you can throw at it on the track and trail.  

Altogether, we believe we have the ultimate fat tyre MTB package for under £500 - a mud munching beast that will turn heads as you quietly cruise about town!


Lightweight high quality aluminium frame

MTB Suspension Fork

Co-ordinated MTB grips

MTB lightweight platform pedals

Co-ordinated comfort MTB saddle with 250mm micro adjust seat post

26*4.0 wheels

7-speed gears

Mechanical disc brakes

F/Derailleur: Shimano

R/Derailleur: Shimano

Gear shifter: Shimano

Item weight 25kg

User height: 160cm-190cm

Colour: Red/Black


NEW SPEED® bikes are packaged 95% built and will require a simple final assembly.



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