Electrick Wheels are a forward-thinking, future-first start up based in the very heart of London. We have a true passion for the e-scooter movement, helping to make the whole world a more advanced and sustainable place by harnessing the power that this new generation of tech has to offer.


We’re spearheading the e-movement, getting everyone and anyone involved in the biggest trend that’s sweeping the globe to start moving in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way that has more benefits than any other form of transport on the planet.


We’re dedicated to giving everyone the opportunity to begin their electrical scooter journey, by providing the best service in the industry combined with the best deals on the market and only the best brands and products to match.


Our dedication is what drives us to be the best escooter provider on the market, and we’re here to help you whenever and however we can all to make sure you have the best experience possible and be proud to be a part of the future of transport.


Take a look at what we’ve got in stock today, or contact us to speak to a member of the Electrick Wheels team.