Electrick Wheels E Scooter X8 - 2021 Spec with App

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X8 E Scooter

  • X8 Electric Scooter

    • 2021 specification with App
    • 10 Inch Wheels
    • Unique Removable Lithium Battery
    • Cruise Control
    • Triple Baking System
    • Max Speed: 32 KMH (Can Limit to 20 & 25 KMH)
    • Powerful 350W Motor
    • 3 Second folding method
    • Scooter Frame Material: Aviation Aluminium Alloy
    • Fast Charging
    • Weight: Only 16KG 
    • CE Certified

     The X8 is one of the most practical and cutting edge E scooters on the market. It was designed with only the most user-friendly features to make sure that no matter what you need from your scooter, you’re covered.

    The most impressive feature the X8 has to offer you is the battery technology. By placing the battery on the neck of the scooter and mounting it with easy to use, no-tool-required access, you have a new world of potential open to you. Whether you choose to buy multiple batterie of any size to make sure you’re never without power, you can ride anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about charging.


    The scooter is also lightweight 16kg thanks to its aluminium frame, and when you combine that with its easy folding system, you can take it with you anywhere you go, without worrying about carrying it. With easy to use push lever acceleration, optional cruise control and an LED screen too, there really isn’t a lot of compromising with such an advanced and still low-cost model.


    None of these advanced features mean that comfort is lost in the process, either. The X8 boasts a sleek design, with easy-grip handlebars even with long duration usage, 10” pneumatic tyres, and a maximum user weight of 150kg, all to make sure you have the perfect e scooter experience.


    Technical Specifications


    Key Specs

    Color     Aviation Black, Brilliant Black

    Clearance    115mm height between feet plate and ground.

    Weight  Lightweight Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy - 16 kg

    Battery range     28 miles / 45 km Based on standard testing regulations with a 75kg / 12st rider at 25 degrees celsius ambient temperature, on a stable surface.

    Charging time    Approx. 4-5 hours

    Included in box  Scooter, Battery, Charger, Allen key and Manual

    Warranty             1 Year Manufacturers Warranty — Please message us for more details

    Drive Modes       Three Speed Drive Modes (Beginner, Standard, Pro)




    Frame    Aviation Grade Aluminium Alloy

    Unfolded Size     1056x420x1166mm

    Folded Size         1056x420x450mm

    Max range          45km (28 miles)

    Max speed          Can boost to 32 km/h (19.88mph)

    Tyre Size             10 inch pneumatic air tyre - with inner tube

    Maximum Load before performance drop    120kg

    Hook Load          10kg




    Motor   350W - 36v Motor, integrated into the front wheel

    Drive Speed        Speed Limiter at 25km/h (15.53mph) Can boost to 32km/h (19.88mph)

    Battery  Powerful, long lasting 10ah Battery

    Charger DC42V/2A

    Lighting System LED Powered System



    Read how to help with safe riding

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